Power Phone-Ups - Phone Skills Training for Fixed Ops

Ineffective handling of Fixed-Ops calls cost you money!

Each time the phone rings it's an opportunity calling.  Too often, Advisors and Consultants lack a game plan for handling objections, delivering bad news, answering questions or setting the appointment.  Power Phone-Ups for Fixed Ops gives your team the knowledge and the know-how to bring more ROs through the door and get more parts out the door!

Listen to these actual calls before and after Applied Concepts' Power Phone-Ups Training for Fixed Ops.

Ready to Hear Your Team on the Phone?

Let Applied Concepts run 3 free mystery shopping calls into
your Service or Parts Department so you can hear for yourself
how much business you're losing!

Watch this short video to learn more about Applied Concepts' Power Phone-Ups for Fixed Ops.