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Amp Up Your Team's Performance with 1:1 Live Roleplays

Empower Your Team to Master Every Interaction

In today's competitive automotive landscape, a highly skilled and adaptable sales and service force is essential. Customers come prepared, demanding a seamless experience built on trust and expertise. But are your teams equipped to navigate complex conversations and close deals with confidence?

Introducing 1:1 Roleplays!

We offer a revolutionary approach to automotive sales and service training: Focused roleplays conducted conveniently over the phone! Our program equips your team to:

  • Handle Trade Negotiations Like a Pro: Master the art of win-win negotiations, ensuring customer satisfaction while maximizing dealership profit 

  • Conquer Price Objections: Learn to effectively address price concerns by focusing on value and building a strong customer-centric case, a study by Bain & Company reveals that only 10% of customers actually walk into a dealership with a fixed price in mind 

  • Leverage Incentives to Sweeten the Deal: Turn incentives into powerful closing tools by strategically presenting them to address specific customer needs 

  • Navigate Payment Questions with Confidence: Equip your team to answer customer payment inquiries clearly and comprehensively, fostering trust and guiding them towards the perfect financing solution.

  • Address Credit Concerns Head-On: Develop effective strategies for handling credit concerns, building confidence in your team and maximizing approval rates.

  • Become Trim & Feature Experts: Empower your representatives with in-depth knowledge of vehicle trims and features, allowing them to confidently guide customers during the selection process.

  • Control the Conversation & Take Charge: Learn valuable techniques to guide the sales conversation, ensuring you fully understand customer needs and present solutions that resonate.

  • Build Rapport & Foster Empathy: Develop the skill of genuine empathy, allowing representatives to connect with customers on an emotional level and build lasting relationships.

Ready to Take Your Team to the Next Level?

Contact us today to learn more about our 1:1 live coach led roleplays and how we can help you build a championship-caliber sales and service force.

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