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At the Dealership

Boost Your Dealership's Performance with the Modern Retailing Training Program

Looking to improve your sales strategies? Modern Retailing offers a structured approach to enhance your dealership's performance.

Modern Retailing

Master Soft Skills, Lease Retention, Referral Follow-Ups, Orphan Owners, Unsold Traffic, Vehicle Acquisition and much more!

Coaching that yields results in the automotive industry concentrates on crucial aspects such as lease retention, managing orphan owners, referral follow-up, sold vehicle follow-up, unsold floor traffic, and vehicle acquisition. Proficiency in lease retention helps to maintain a stable customer base, while addressing orphan owners ensures that customers without a dedicated service advisor receive proper attention. Consistent referral and sold vehicle follow-ups enhance customer relationships and boost repeat sales. Effective handling of unsold floor traffic converts potential buyers into customers, and skillful vehicle acquisition improves inventory management and profitability. These areas are vital for driving dealership success and ensuring high customer satisfaction.

48 Week Program

Empowering your sales staff with the right knowledge and skills is the difference between closing deals and losing opportunities. They need to be not only knowledgeable about your products and services, but also adept at building rapport, handling objections, and delivering exceptional customer service. Here's where our 48 week training program comes in.

Live Call Analysis

Sales calls offer a wealth of insights into what works and what doesn't. However, sitting through countless hours of your own calls can be tedious and limit your exposure to diverse approaches. This is where Real Live Call Analysis (RLCA) comes in. By analyzing real-world recordings of successful sales calls from industry professionals, you can gain valuable knowledge that directly translates to increased business generation

Consistent Learning

Sales mastery is a continuous journey, fueled by consistent practice and ongoing learning. Weekly training sessions provide the structure to refine skills, deepen knowledge, and share best practices. This equips your team to connect with customers on a deeper level, present compelling solutions, and deliver exceptional service, ultimately transforming them into trusted advisors who consistently outperform.

Phone Skills Workshops

In today's digital age, phone communication remains a crucial aspect of building relationships and closing deals. However, many salespeople lack the finesse needed to excel over the phone. This is where phone skills workshops come in. These intensive training sessions equip reps with the tools and techniques to transform their phone interactions into sales opportunities

1:1 Live Coaching

Imagine a salesperson stepping into a crucial sales call feeling completely unprepared. They might fumble through objections, struggle to connect with the customer, and ultimately miss out on a valuable opportunity. This is where roleplaying steps in. It's more than just rehearsing lines; it's a powerful training tool that simulates real-world sales scenarios in a safe, controlled environment

Video Content

No longer confined to textbooks, salespeople can hone their skills and gain valuable insights through the engaging world of video content. From bite-sized lessons on objection handling to expert coaching on negotiation tactics, video offers a convenient, dynamic, and targeted approach to learning. This translates to a sales force that connects with customers more deeply, closes deals with confidence, and ultimately drives significant business growth

Program Overview

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