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Discover how Applied concepts has helped real people achieve their goals. Here, you'll find testimonials from satisfied customers who have experienced the positive impact of our training solution.

Let their success stories inspire you!

Tony, Harley Davidson

"When I first started I was skeptical because I conducted training for 11 years and thought I knew everything. The training has helped me refresh my skills."

Brendon, Chrysler

"I'm noticing an increase of appointments since I've started. I like the control concept and have started working it into my daily calls!"

Heather, Ford

"After the first session last week, I'm already feeling so much better about being on the phone. I've only been with the company for a little over a month, so this is my first phone training in a new industry."

Jay, Ford

" Since using the script, I've been able to book 3 or 4 appointments per day!"

Victor, Mini

"It helps doing my sessions early in the morning to get prepared for my day."

Craig, Hyundai

"I was a little critical of the program initially but I thinks this could really help me; I think I come across on the phone as a little confrontational."

Becky, Toyota

"The script has really helped me and I feel "bulletproof!" 

Rich, Hyundai

"I really likes the ACT video sessions. They are interesting and helpful!"

Madison, Chevy

"ACT scenarios have been great since I've been able to  choose a scenario for a pre-owned vehicle. Most of my calls are pre-owned related."
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