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Our Services

Exceptional phone skills are the frontline for dealerships. Your team's ability to connect, build rapport, and effectively convert phone inquiries into showroom visits is critical to driving sales and building customer loyalty. Helping sales, service, parts and reception succeed!

Applied Coaching & Training Program (ACT)

Our dealers witness a return on investment and enhancements in crucial phone skills metrics.

1:1 Person-to-Person Coaching

Live 1:1 roleplays are the missing piece in phone skills development. They offer a dynamic, personalized approach that translates directly to real-world situations.

Real Live Call Analysis

By analyzing live calls, you gain immediate, actionable insights that translate directly to enhanced communication skills on and off the phone.

Phone Skills Workshops

By incorporating these element, your team gains the confidence and tools to excel in communication skills that benefit them in all aspects of their professional sales and service careers.

Mystery Shop Campaigns

Ever wonder what your customers experience when they call your dealership? Mystery shopping provides a valuable, unbiased window into those interactions. 

Tech Driven Delivery System

Micro-Learning delivered via text. Our system delivers bite-sized, training directly to your team's mobile devices, making learning convenient and accessible.

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