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Amp Up Your Team's Performance with 1:1 Live Roleplays

Empower Your Team to Master Every Interaction

In today's competitive automotive landscape, a highly skilled and adaptable sales and service force is essential. Customers come prepared, demanding a seamless experience built on trust and expertise. But are your teams equipped to navigate complex conversations and close deals with confidence?

Sales Roleplay Topics

Trade Negotiations Like a Pro

Master the art of win-win negotiations, ensuring customer satisfaction while maximizing dealership profit 

Leverage Incentives to Sweeten the Deal

Turn incentives into powerful closing tools by strategically presenting them to address specific customer needs 

Address Credit Concerns Head-On

Develop effective strategies for handling credit concerns, building confidence in your team and maximizing approval rates

Control the Conversation & Take Charge

Learn valuable techniques to guide the sales conversation, ensuring you fully understand customer needs and present solutions that resonate

Conquer Price Objections

Learn to effectively address price concerns by focusing on value and building a strong customer-centric case, a study by Bain & Company reveals that only 10% of customers actually walk into a dealership with a fixed price in mind

Navigate Payment Questions with Confidence

Equip your team to answer customer payment inquiries clearly and comprehensively, fostering trust and guiding them towards the perfect financing solution

Become Trim & Feature Focused

Empower your representatives with in-depth knowledge of vehicle trims and features, allowing them to confidently guide customers during the selection process

Build Rapport & Foster Empathy

Develop the skill of genuine empathy, allowing representatives to connect with customers on an emotional level and build lasting relationships

Service & Parts Roleplay Topics

Become a communication and customer service champion, driving sales and satisfaction through these in-depth training modules.

Mastering Needs

Learn to actively listen, identify underlying concerns through effective questioning, and translate complex technical information into clear and concise language, fostering trust and rapport with every customer interaction.

Service & Maintenance Expertise

Go beyond the basics and become a pro at recommending and scheduling customized maintenance plans to keep vehicles healthy, optimizing performance, longevity, and ultimately reducing repair costs for your customers.

Price Objections

Develop winning strategies to overcome customer resistance to service costs. Learn to effectively explain the value proposition of recommended repairs, offer transparent cost breakdowns, and highlight the benefits of preventative maintenance, turning hesitant customers into confident decision-makers, boosting sales and customer satisfaction


Gain confidence in explaining the intricacies of different warranties (manufacturer, extended, powertrain), processing claims efficiently, and building customer trust through clear communication of both coverage details and exclusions, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Wait Time

Set realistic expectations and become a master of communication during service wait times. Keep customers informed about repair progress, offer alternative solutions (loaner cars, shuttle services) for extended waits, and manage customer frustration with empathy and professionalism, maintaining a positive experience throughout the service process and building long-term customer loyalty.

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